Coffee With The Pastor

Hey Thrive! Coffee with the Pastors is right around the corner and we are excited to be offering an in-person time of connecting with our pastors over some coffee and snacks. You will have the opportunity to attend immediately after each service, so we want to encourage you to come out and see what Thrive is all about!


Child Dedications

Each child is a precious blessing from the Lord. Child dedications are a public statement of faith to raise our children under God’s grace and wisdom. Let Thrive Church partner with you in dedicating your child! To sign up or for more information, please sign up on the Thrive app, website, or at the Get Involved Table in the Lobby today!

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Church Survey 2021

Here at Thrive, we value our church family's input and would love to hear from you! This survey includes questions regarding several areas within our church and we are looking to see what's working well and what needs improvement.


Feed One by Convoy of Hope

Every $10 feeds a child every school day for AN ENTIRE MONTH! Thank you for partnering with Thrive Church to "Feed One" through Convoy of Hope!


Joy of Giving

Every year we come together as a church family and bless those that are in need in our community. We will have many opportunities to do the same this year, that include a turkey give-away, an angel tree to bless families, and feeding the homeless. Click on the form to see which of these you would like to participate in.

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The Upper Zoom Prayer Meeting

Taking place every Tuesday-Saturday each week! Join us any day you'd wish.

Where? On zoom! Please download zoom on your computer or phone, whichever device you will be joining. The zoom link will be sent to your email each week, the zoom ID and password will always remain the same.


Tuesday 9am ON ZOOM
Wednesday 7:30am ON ZOOM
Thursday 7:30am ON ZOOM
Friday 11am ON ZOOM
Saturday 9am ON ZOOM


Water Baptism

Are you ready to make a public declaration that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior? Water baptism is a public declaration that reflects your personal inward faith. If you're ready to take the next step and be water baptized, let us know! Baptisms offered EVERY Sunday. Please click the link to sign up.

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